Arbor Day 2019 Tree Work

In support of Arbor Day 2019 (26 April), the Esplanade Association is pleased to partner with Barrett Tree Service East for a second consecutive year to improve soil conditions for the trees in the park. Soil compaction, which restricts oxygen, water, and nutrient availability to tree’s roots, is a serious concern relating to overall tree health for Esplanade trees.

As part of a new Tree Care Management and Succession Plan, developed in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Esplanade Association has increased focus on soil health to ensure a robust tree canopy for generations to come.

Barrett Tree Service East has generously donated a day of work to Air Spade the areas beneath 15-20 trees, loosening heavily compacted soil. As a result, the bicycle path from Clarendon Street to the PlaySpace will be redirected over the Clarendon and Fiedler Footbridges to the Island pathways. We thank all who plan to utilize the bike path on Arbor Day for their patience with this temporary diversion.

Are you interested in learning more about the Tree Care Management & Succession Plan? Please contact Jo-Ann Lovejoy at or 617-227-0365 x405.

Photo by Pat Arroyo