About the Campaign for the Esplanade:

The Esplanade Association is now embarking on an ambitious effort to construct a modern park facility and to establish several complementary endowed funds to secure the organization’s role in operating the new Pavilion and caring for the full Esplanade.

As the Esplanade Association completes its first twenty years of successful operations, the endowed funds will permanently root EA’s role as stewards and protectors of the park’s historic landscape and will ensure continued resources and leadership for the organization.

Our first capital campaign is aimed at achieving four main goals that represent the purpose of our work in the park every day: gathering people together, conserving the park’s precious environmental attributes, leading a host of positive initiatives to support the park’s ongoing vitality, and growing the capacity of the Esplanade Association itself to serve as an effective advocate and steward for the Charles River Esplanade.

If you are interested in receiving more information, or in making a gift, please contact Michael Nichols, Executive Director, at mnichols@esplanade.org or 617-532-0051.