Enjoy Winter on the Esplanade | January 17, 2017

No matter the season, there are always plenty of ways to enjoy the Esplanade! During the winter, the park is full of wonderful reasons to bundle up and head outside. Browse some of our ideas below, or come up with your own unique ideas to enjoy winter fun on the Esplanade.


Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying the park. Once the snow falls in Boston you can enjoy a beautiful day of snow shoeing along the Esplanade’s 3 miles of parkland.

Cross-Country Skiing

Feel the swoosh and glide of the snow as you cross-country ski through the Esplanade park. Though there are no defined trails, the park is a wonderful venue for cross-country skiers who don’t mind creating their own path.

Bicycle Riding

The Esplanade provides cyclists of all ages the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant, scenic bike along its Paul Dudley White Bike Path, an 18 mile loop that starts at the Museum of Science and runs along both sides of the Charles River to Watertown Square. You can ride on your own or take part in one of Boston’s scenic bike tours through the park.

Running and Jogging

As the City’s most used running path, the Esplanade is home to 5 1/2 miles of pathways. The Healthy Heart Trail on the Esplanade begins at the Lee Pool parking lot, is 1.5 miles long, and has an easy activity level designation. For runners seeking more distance, connecting paths continue into Cambridge and Boston.


The Esplanade’s three playgrounds continue to be open and operating throughout the winter months.  Weather permitting, you can continue to take advantage of outdoor play in the park. Just remember to bundle up!

Exercise Course

The Exercise Course provides basic outdoor gym equipment for the benefit of park visitors. Course includes equipment for body weight exercises such as pull ups as well as equipment for stretching. It is located by the Silber Way Footbridge between the Mass Ave. Bridge and BU Bridge.


During the winter, the Esplanade can provide some of the most beautiful scenery in the city.  You can visit during the day and snap some wildlife or head over in the evening to get a shot of the beautiful winter sunset.  Don’t forget to share your photos with us using #EsplanadeAssn.