GroundBeat: The Esplanade’s FREE Riverfront Music Series!

At GroundBeat, the Esplanade’s FREE Riverfront Music Series, each month from June to September the Esplanade Association will partner with a different local nonprofit to showcase a wide range of musical styles from local nonprofits in an effort to promote local arts in the park and attract audiences from throughout Greater Boston. . All events in the series will feature food trucks, games, and new seating!

GroundBeat: AfroDesiaCity at the Hatch Shell

Monday, June 17 at 6:00pm

AfroDesiaCity will celebrate Juneteenth’s commemoration of African American freedom and emphasize education and achievement. ADC will highlight some aspiring artists who are locally-based such as Ms. Ashley-Rose, an Haitian-American educator, organizer, actress and award-winning poet from Boston accompanied by musician Akili Haynes (Horns), and Melissa Alexis, an actress and performing artist.

GroundBeat: Kadence Arts at the Hatch Shell
Monday, July 15 at 6:00pm

Experience a night of live dance and upbeat music brought to you by Kadence Ensemble, the premiere percussion-focused music group of New England. Kadence Ensemble is directed by international touring artist, Maria Finkelmeier, who has previously been named a “one-woman dynamo” by the Boston Globe.

GroundBeat: BAMS Fest at the Hatch Shell

Monday, August 19 at 6:00pm

Boston Art & Music Soul Festival (BAMS Fest) will celebrate youth and women empowerment through upbeat and high-energy performances from OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center and Bostons’ First Female All Mariachi Band: Veronica Robles Mariachi. OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center will begin the night with an unforgettable performance, dancing to original works of both contemporary and traditional styles from the African diaspora. Veronica Robles Mariachi will close out the show performing a variety of original songs.

GroundBeat & Fitness

Music and exercise are intricately connected. In September, two fitness classes will take participants around the world, exposing them to new rhythms while they break a sweat! Stay tuned for more information on how to register for each.

‘Froca Dance Class
Monday, September 16

‘Froca is a high-energy fitness class created by Sylver Rochelin Randrianantenaina, a dancer from Madagascar and a beloved Zumba instructor. While experiencing a night of high-energy dancing, students will travel around the world to the sounds of traditional and contemporary music from different countries across Africa and the Caribbean.

Afrobeat Fit Sweat Session
Wednesday, September 18

Afrobeat Fit hosts mobile Sweat Sessions where music and movement derive from West Africa. Learn the foundations of Afro movement with a dose of sweat. Afrobeat Fit is for anyone looking to build community, get toned and have fun while dancing to music that incorporates elements of drumming, jazz, soul and funk!

These free concerts are only possible with the support of: