Esplanade Tree Care

Esplanade Park Tree Management

Tree Inventory

In 2015, the Esplanade Association introduced a new tree inventory management program called ArborScope™, the latest in sustainable, high-tech landscape management software. The Esplanade Association hired Bartlett Tree Experts to perform an inventory of over 1,700 trees on the Esplanade and compile this information into the Arborscope database. The program overlays the inventory and assessment on top of Google™ Maps to provide a simple and efficient means of viewing, updating, and querying any collected information.

The inventory’s care recommendations reflect care needed by older, fairly healthy, but neglected trees: 80% need pruning; 12% require risk mitigation due to weak limbs or decay near use areas; 11% structural support; 8% removal due to disease or death, 3% need more risk assessment or lightning protection.

This information allows us to rate the health of each tree in the park and provide a plan of the priorities that need to be addressed. We now know where specific tree care such as pruning, fertilizing, and root aeration is most needed. Since the inventory’s completion, EA has pruned approximately 800 trees, 47% of the total population. We are also able to track the work that’s been done to ensure that every tree benefits from routine care.

In the near term, we will continue to address the most critical individual tree concerns and continue a fast-paced pruning program. Planned tree care includes annual maintenance utilizing a combination of contracted and in-house pruning, soil remediation, and compost tea brewing.

Tree Management & Succession Plan

In fall 2017, the Esplanade Association, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, agreed that a Tree Management and Succession Plan was needed. A call to landscape architects was issued and a project consultant (Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture) was hired by the Esplanade Association to develop a comprehensive Esplanade Tree Care Management and Succession Plan. The plan will build on the existing 2015 tree inventory to create a multi-year maintenance and planting plan, ensuring a healthy tree canopy for future generations. A draft plan has been issued and is available to view here.

We Need Your Support

With your donation, it is our goal to care for over 1,700 park trees on an annual basis through pruning, watering, mulching, weeding, fertilization, and planting.

Please help support our tree care by donating today. With your help, we can ensure that the park will continue to be a place where you can relax and find shade beneath healthy, beautiful trees.

How Can You Support Esplanade Tree Care?

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Esplanade tree care is made possible with the support of the 1434 Foundation, the Biber Foundation, the Beacon Hill Garden Club, and the Garden Club of the Back Bay.

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