This Spring is Different, yet…

by Debbie Wiess, April 2020

Running along the Charles River

I observe the cyclical rhythm of nature.

From the equinox mid-March and through

April and May there are all sorts of small

indications that reveal a world that is

awakening and renewing itself.

The changes are imperceptible.

One hardly notices anything at first.

But over time one remarks 

more and more  

the joyful chirping of the birds

resounding in one’s ears,

the grass covering the ground

with a carpet in shades of green,

the trees and plants, stark naked,

dressing themselves in leaves and buds,

the cherry and magnolia trees showing off

their rosy blooms with vainglorious pride,

and the daffodils, their shoots emerging

from the soil later open in an explosion

of bright yellow.

Most remarkable is the quality of  

the light as the days lengthen.

The sun’s rays caressing the Earth

envelop everything in a new luminosity.

The events of Man

that mark the season: 

Opening Day of Baseball,

Boston Marathon,

Art in Bloom,

among others, are cancelled or

rescheduled for later in the year.

Still, nothing and no one

can stop the arrival of Spring.

Nature does not care

about society’s concerns

and continues on its course.

Nevertheless, our daily life is up-ended.

Our activities are now very limited.

No more movies, no more theatre, 

no more visits to museums, 

no more shows, no more concerts, 

no more dinners out in restaurants, 

no more plans with friends,

no more family gatherings,

and above all no more traveling…

Sometimes it seems that there

is no more anything. However, there

is still all the world out there.

Restricted to staying inside the home,

we keep our distance one from another.

Wearing home-made and make-shift masks

when we go outside for errands

and for exercise or some air.

Now my excursions to the Esplanade 

to run have become wonderful excuses

to escape the confines of my apartment;

more than that they are a necessity

and a gift.

Nonetheless life goes on…

That, one is able to attest to

particularly at this time of the year.

Life very simply is just much simpler.

Everything appears normal, 

yet nothing is at all normal.

Yes, this year Spring is very different. 

But, it is also exactly the same.

About Debra Wiess: Back Bay writer Debbie Wiess has always appreciated her proximity to the Esplanade where she regularly goes to run. And often while on her runs along the Charles she finds inspiration for her work. Now more than ever she is grateful for the calm, beauty and solace of the Esplanade.

All photos on this blog are by Debra. View This Spring is Different, yet… as a PDF here.