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About Frozen in Life 

March 18 – 20, 2022

Over 3,500 visitors celebrated the first days of Spring at the Esplanade Association’s public art installation: Frozen in Life, by artist Anna Thurber, open 10am – 4pm from Friday, March 18 through Sunday, March 20 at Fiedler Field on the Esplanade. Frozen in Life was commissioned by the Esplanade Association, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation.  

Visitors experienced the breadth and beauty of the Esplanade’s plant species through the lens of artist Anna Thurber’s botanical ice sculptures. Three seasons of Esplanade plants, all handpicked by the artist in 2021, were suspended in ice, encouraging contemplation, conversation, and appreciation for the Esplanade’s plant biodiversity.  

Each of the more than 40 sculptures showcased a selection of plants from the Esplanade, carefully placed in dynamic arrangements that instantly evoke the rhythm of the seasons. From Spring’s first buds, to the bright blooms of Summer, to Autumn’s colorful leaves, Anna’s sculptures took viewers on a journey through dozens of the Esplanade’s plant species – each perfectly encapsulated in solid ice.  

Learn more, enjoy accompanying content, and find deeper engagement with the exhibition at www.FrozeninLife.com.  

Exhibition Photos

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Frozen in Life Audio Playlist

Click below to explore audio accompaniments to Frozen in Life. You’ll hear from DCR and Esplanade Association staff about how the exhibition came together, as well as vegetative management and climate action initiatives on the Esplanade.

Esplanade Association
Director of Park Operations

On his team’s work to care for the Esplanade and his experience selecting botanicals with Anna

Department of Conservation and Recreation
Director of External Affairs & Partnerships

On DCR’s statewide impact, and its Charles River Vegetative Management Plan

Esplanade Association
Programs & Sustainability Coordinator

On the Esplanade Association’s Climate Action Plan

To learn more about the Esplanade Association’s sustainability & resiliency initiatives, please visit Esplanade.org/climate-action 


About the Artist

For over a decade, artist Anna Thurber has refined a nuanced process of creating unique ice compositions with botanicals and photographing the results. Her work lives between sculpture, performance, and photography.  

“The lifecycle of flowers animates me and drives me to document the process as I capture the flowers, seed pods, full blooms, and spent petals. The temporary nature of the pieces I create is essential to the process. My time and energy are reduced to a pool of water and soggy stems, mirroring the rhythm of the seasons.”

Learn more about Anna and explore more of her work at www.AnnaThurber.com.


Commissioning Body: Esplanade Association 

Project Site: Fiedler Field on the Charles River Esplanade, Boston 

Artist: Anna Thurber 

Project Partner: Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation 

Strategy & Logistics Specialist: Ted Carr 

Communications & Marketing Specialist: Kelly Courtney