Park Maintenance

At the Esplanade Association, we believe that routine maintenance is fundamental. We do not undertake projects unless we are committed to maintaining them. EA employs two full-time Horticulturists who work daily to maintain and improve the Esplanade. In addition, we host over 2,000 volunteers each year to help with Park maintenance.

Park Restoration Areas

The Esplanade Association works to restore and then maintain discrete parkland areas that are in dire need of restoration and improvement. Our goal is to make these areas more welcoming, functional, and beautiful for Park visitors. Recent projects like the Eliot Memorial Revitalization transform unhealthy and underused areas of the Park into lush and inviting gathering spots for Park visitors.

General Cleanup

The Esplanade Association assists with a host of landscape beautification tasks including raking, planting, weeding, edging and mulching.

Litter Removal

The Esplanade Association assists with the removal of trash and debris throughout the Park and its waterways. At last year’s Charles River Cleanup, more than 50 tons of litter were removed from the Esplanade and other sites along the Charles River and its tributaries.


The Esplanade Association helps to paint and care for the Park’s 266 historic Shurcliff benches, named for Arthur Shurcliff, the celebrated landscape designer and Olmsted protégé who laid out the Park’s original plantings. The historic Shurcliff benches welcome visitors to relax, read a book, or just enjoy the scenery. To find out more visit our Sponsor the Park page.


The Esplanade Association pays for repairs and maintenance at the Playspace and Stoneman playgrounds. In 2017, when two pieces of equipment were significantly damaged at the Esplanade Playspace, EA came to the rescue, ordering a new ‘Cloud 9’ swing and replacing the zip-line!