Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Statement

The Esplanade Association recognizes the responsibility we hold to ensure that the Charles River Esplanade is welcoming to all. We acknowledge that the area that is now the Esplanade was once the Quinobequin River, supporting generations of Indigenous tribes long before the community of park visitors today. The park’s long history as a riverfront gathering place has fostered the Esplanade’s role as a vibrant and cherished public space today.

The Esplanade Association is committed to ensuring the Esplanade demonstrates the best of what public spaces can be and as an organization, we are dedicated to prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility in all that we do.

Our Board and Staff resolve to make continuous, transformational progress toward those goals by: 

  1. Building partnerships that help increase equitable access to the Esplanade’s recreational spaces and the programming and events hosted in the park by our organization and others.
  2. Welcoming and amplifying a diverse range of voices and perspectives in our stewardship of the Esplanade through our board, staff, volunteers, donors, partners, vendors, and visitors.
  3. Prioritizing inclusivity and equitable representation in our outreach, messaging, and strategic planning to ensure the Esplanade experience supports the needs of all visitor communities.
  4. Eliminating barriers that prevent free and open use of the Esplanade, including advocacy for accessible park infrastructure and amenities that are designed for all visitors.

The Esplanade will thrive only with a shared commitment to intentional care for this historic park and for its diverse community of visitors. It is our responsibility to lead this effort and to encourage others to join us.