• Esplanade Association

Esplanade Association Projects

Since our founding in 2001, the Esplanade Association has been the catalyst for over $28M dollars in park improvements. Some of our capital projects have included rebuilding the river docks, building two new playgrounds, renovating the Hatch Shell and Dartmouth restroom facilities, restoring the Lotta Fountain revitalizing the Eliot Memorial and restoring the Hatch Shell Oval Lawn.

Through our partnership with the DCR, as well as the involvement of members, supporters, and major stakeholders, we have visibly improved the park, but there is still much to be done. We continue to advocate and fund-raise for current and future projects to transform the Park.

Current Project —Esplanade Signage Plan

The Esplanade’s current signage is widely varied in design and purpose and does not make it easy for visitors to enjoy all that the Park has to offer. In an effort to improve the Park experience for all users, an Esplanade Signage Plan is in development to provide sufficient information and create a safer, more easily navigable Park system. Learn more about Esplanade Signage.

Current Project — Tree Care

Esplanade Association Trees

Building on an existing 2015 tree inventory, the Esplanade Association has released a first-of-its-kind Tree Care Management & Succession Plan. There are several alarming threats to the current health of park trees, including a lack of diversity and an aging canopy. This plan helps secure the future health of park trees by increasing species diversity, laying guidelines for succession plantings to replace dead and declining trees, and making recommendations for preventative care, such as pruning and air spading. It has been approved by Boston Landmarks Commission, the Massachusetts Historical Commission, and the Conservation Commission. Learn more.