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Completed Projects

The Esplanade Association has a strong track record of raising funds for the park and implementing successful capital improvements. Some of our projects include the restoration of the Hatch Shell Oval and Eliot Memorial; design and installation of two new play spaces; three state-of-the-art ball fields; five newly renovated docks; refurbished public restrooms; the restoration of 278 park benches; a refurbished exercise area; and an ever-improving landscape, with specific emphasis on sustainable horticultural practices.

With your help we will continue to fund these vital projects and improve the park experience.

Pumphouse Murals

In July 2019, the Esplanade Association commissioned 3 new art murals on the Esplanade. The murals transformed 3 pumphouses – structures used to regulate water drainage – from cement blocks covered with graffiti, to public art installations that delight passersby in the park and on Storrow Drive. Learn more about the pumphouses here.

Esplanade Welcome Kiosks

The Esplanade is a continuous park that stretches over 3 miles from the Museum of Science to the Boston University Bridge on the Boston side of the Charles River. Within the park there are various amenities, historic monuments, recreational facilities, and gathering areas. Until the Esplanade Welcome Kiosks project, the signage in the park widely varied in design and purpose.

In an effort to improve the park experience for all users, the Esplanade Association partnered with the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Halvorson Design Partnership, Flanders + Associates, and Design Communications Limited to design, fabricate, and install informative Welcome Kiosks at 7 key entry points to the Esplanade. The Kiosks provide visitors with a comprehensive map of the park, highlighting points of interest and facilities, as well as historical information and seasonal programming calendars.

This project was funded by contributions from Esplanade Association members, the George B. Henderson Foundation, the Lynch Foundation, and the Museum of Science.

Patterned Behavior Art Mural

Patterned Behavior (2017) by Silvia Lopez Chavez is an art mural commissioned by the Esplanade Association and curated and produced by Now + There. Learn more about public art on the Esplanade.

Lotta Fountain Restoration

For generations, the Lotta Fountain was a destination spot for dog owners visiting the Charles River Esplanade. It was a place where owners could relax and socialize while providing their canine friends with cool water on hot summer days. The six-foot granite fountain was designed and constructed by sculptor Katherine Lane Weems in 1939 in the name of entertainer and philanthropist Lotta Crabtree, for the benefit of people and their thirsty canine companions. Learn more. 

Hatch Oval Restoration

Esplanade Park Completed Projects

Over the years, constant exposure and overuse had placed a toll on the Hatch Shell structure and surrounding area. In response to the pressing need to restore and repair this vital area, the Esplanade Association launched a campaign to raise funds, and in partnership with the DCR, began the work in the fall of 2013 to overhaul the Hatch Shell Oval Lawn. Learn more. 

Eliot Memorial Revitalization

Esplanade Park Completed Projects

In 2010, the Esplanade Association (EA) partnered with the DCR to revitalize the Eliot Memorial. A focal point of a shaded area near the Community Boating, Inc. docks, the Memorial had suffered overuse and neglect over the years – the surrounding soil was compacted, the paths had disappeared, and there was a lack of adequate seating. READ MORE

Esplanade 2020 A Vision for the Future

Esplanade Park Completed Projects

In 2009 the Esplanade Association (EA) initiated Esplanade 2020 A Vision for the Future in collaboration with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). In 2010, EA assembled a team of leading Boston design and planning specialists to take a fresh look at every element of the park. READ MORE