Esplanade Association Volunteer Photographer Program

About the Esplanade Association:

The Esplanade Association is a privately-funded nonprofit organization that works to revitalize and enhance the Charles River Esplanade, sustain the natural green space, and build community by providing educational, cultural, and recreational programs for everyone. Working in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Esplanade Association is dedicated to improving the experiences of the millions of visitors who enjoy Boston’s iconic riverside green space.

Overview of Program:

Are you inspired by the Esplanade? Are you looking to build your personal portfolio of photos? We need your skills! The Esplanade Association is seeking photos to help showcase the beauty and vitality of the Esplanade and to help build awareness of the work we do to care for the Park throughout the year.

How the Program works:

  1. Early each month, our Marketing & Events Coordinator sends an email detailing key photo needs for the next four weeks. These may include landscape shots, photos of certain plants blooming or leaves changing, photos of people enjoying certain activities in the Park, event coverage, and more.
  2. In most cases, volunteers will be asked to go out on their own time to shoot targets from the priority list.
    1. In the case of special events, volunteer presence will be on a first-come, first-serve registration basis.
  3. Volunteers will share their photos with the Marketing & Events Coordinator
  4. Your work will make a visible difference in how we are able to communicate about the Park! You will be given credit wherever possible.

Expected Time Commitment:

Flexible. 2+ hours a month is encouraged.

Benefits to you:

  • In-kind tax acknowledgment letter for the market value of your time/photographs
  • Use of photos for personal portfolio and regular feedback on the usability of photos for EA marketing efforts
  • The joy of showcasing your love of the Esplanade to the Greater Boston region

To apply:

  1. If you are interested in the Volunteer Photographer Program, please fill out this Google Form in order to be considered.  
    1. While previous experience is not required, samples of your past photos are encouraged.
  2. After filling out the form, we will review samples of photographer’s work.
  3. If selected, you will be notified by Design & Marketing Coordinator, Lauren Vitacco,

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Esplanade!