• Esplanade Association Advocacy

Advocacy at Our Core

EA advocates on a wide range of issues that relate to the Park.  We often initiate conversations around issues of particular importance to the care of the Esplanade and the experience for Esplanade visitors, as well as support many efforts that generally benefit the green spaces in greater Boston.

As one of over 150 properties managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Charles River Esplanade needs its ardent fans to give voice to the park’s unique history and pleasures as well as its issues and challenges.

In 2010, when the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) launched its massive plan to restore the Longfellow Bridge, EA moved quickly to present plans to re-design pedestrian connections to the bridge.

EA demonstrated both the importance and feasibility of improved approaches to the parkland on both sides of the river. Our advocacy worked. DOT leadership embraced a bridge update that encompasses better park access. With our members, volunteers, and community partners behind us, EA had a stronger voice.

Want to learn more? A few examples of how you can learn more about our work in the park.