Set against the incomparable backdrop of the Charles River at sunset, as well as in the lovely Eliot Garden, the 9th Annual Summer Dock Party has become a social highlight for Bostonians.

Approximately 400 guests will enjoy a sunset dinner, wine donated by Backpack Wine, beer donated by Sam Adams, dessert from Ben & Jerrys, and dancing to a live DJ on the docks. The funds raised at this year’s event will support the Esplanade Association’s work to revitalize, enhance, program, and maintain the park, while providing the community with free summer programming.

Make sure you’re at the party of the summer!


Perin Adams
Charley Aldrich
Patricia Arroyo
Casey Baines
Jonathan Berk
Kara Brennan
Erin Carreiro
Lexi Crivon
Tessa Dancheck
Sophia D’Angelo
Kirsten Dawson
Mary Ella Donleavy
Elizabeth van der Els
Abigail Fischer
Jessie Franco
Ace Gershfield
Frances Wall Higgins
Caroline Holland
Barrett Kelly

Maeghan Lefebvre
Zachary Liebnick
Aengus McAllister
Shannon McAllister
Katherine McCord
Billy Najam
Bryan Natale
Elyse Newman
Caroline O’Donnell
Zach O’Donnell
Cara Pattullo
Deanna Powers
Tess Ramirez
Meg Reilly
Harris Rosenheim
Rene Rotondo
Gabrielle Rundle
Catherine Rurode
Marc Savatsky
Carolina Säve
Sarah Stipho
Donnie Todd
Emma Troller
Natalia Urtubey
Rachel Walters
Nate Walton
Thea Weitz


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All images provided courtesy of  Binita Mandalia