8th Annual Esplanade Summer Dock Party

Set against the incomparable backdrop of the Charles River at sunset, the 8th Annual Summer Dock Party has become a social highlight for young Bostonians. Over 200 guests will enjoy a sunset dinner and drinks followed by dessert and dancing on the docks.  The funds raised at this year’s event support the Esplanade Association’s work to care for and maintain the park, while providing the community with free summer programming.

Although the Dock Party initially sold out, we’ve been able to expand the event site and sell a limited block of additional tickets. Make sure you’re at the party of the summer!


Sandra Bahous
Shannon Bison
Colin Cinder
Constance Crummey
Leah Culver
Sean Ellis
Abigail Fisher
Riordan Frost
Kelsey Hopper
Catherine Hulgan
Katherine McCord
Deanna Powers
Kelsey Pramik
Carolina Säve-Natale
Kathleen Sipe
Rachel Walters
Nathaniel Walton


Bring your company to the Summer Dock Party!

To buy bulk tickets for your group or company, please contact Kelsey Pramik at kpramik@esplanade.org

Sponsor this event! 

If you’re interested in learning more about event sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kelsey Pramik at kpramik@esplanade.org

All images provided courtesy of  Binita Mandalia binita.mandalia@gmail.com.