2016 Volunteer Spotlight - Boston Cares

2016 Volunteer Spotlight – Boston Cares | Dec 16, 2016

Esplanade Association would like to recognize Boston Cares as our volunteers of the year for their continued commitment to improving the park in 2016. We are pleased to have Boston Cares Volunteer Leader, Anthony Rufo accept this honor on behalf of the group and share his experience below.

My name is Anthony Rufo, a Boston Cares “Volunteer Leader” who coordinates between the wonderful Boston Cares organization and the eminent Esplanade Association. I began volunteering to offer my hand to help my adopted home of Boston while I was a student at Northeastern University and post-graduation volunteering has remained a very important part of my life. I enjoy relaxing, running and the like in our great parks, so it seems only right that I spend some time cleaning them up a bit. Some of my best experiences helping out have been with the great crew of skilled employees at the Esplanade Association. I highly encourage EVERYONE to get involved in their communities and lend a hand in any way they think helps. I am inspired by former governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis who picks up and throws away the litter off the ground as he walks to work every day.

Boston Cares is very grateful to accept the Esplanade Association’s designation as their volunteers of the year. The year was filled with excellently planned projects and Boston Cares was always able to provide energetic volunteers to keep the Charles River Esplanade looking absolutely gorgeous all year round. In 2016 Boston Cares volunteers spent 16 Saturdays with the Esplanade Association, helping to weed the greens, clean litter, remove invasive species along the river banks, lay playground safety fibar chips, and assist with planting some of the park’s awesome annual flowers. The Esplanade Association’s amazing horticulture team, Renee, Shiann and Meredith, and the DCR always made the work easy by providing us with the tools and guidance we needed. Boston Cares is the city’s largest volunteer mobilizing organization providing Greater Boston with thousands of hours of community service each year. Each Esplanade Association’s Park Cleanup and Restoration Project has a Boston Cares team of up to ten volunteers who sign up on www.bostoncares.org to participate in the project. Volunteers showed up for each project eager and prepared to help beautify the park.

To learn more about Esplanade Association volunteer opportunities visit https://esplanade.orgvolunteer/

2016 Volunteer Spotlight – Boston Cares