Rare Bald Eagle Seen on Charles River Esplanade

Rare Bald Eagle Seen on Charles River Esplanade

Winged Park Visitor One of Estimated 70,000 Remaining Bald Eagles in North America

BOSTON – On a recent morning, while removing debris after a winter storm, a staff member of the nonprofit Esplanade Association observed and photographed a bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) on the Charles River Esplanade. The eagle flew across a bike path and then settled in a tree near the river.

“After four years with the Esplanade Association, this was the first time I’ve seen an eagle in the Park,” said Renee Portanova, Horticulture Manager at the Esplanade Association. “I was so excited that I immediately stopped our work vehicle to get out and take a photo.”

“The incredibly rare sighting of a bald eagle in downtown Boston is a testament to the natural habitat fostered by the work of the Esplanade Association, including our significant tree care program” said Michael Nichols, Executive Director at the Esplanade Association. “I hope many more visitors to the Esplanade in the coming weeks will have the privilege to see this majestic bird.”

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