Esplanade FAQs

Q: Where is the Esplanade in Boston?

A: The Esplanade stretches for 3 miles one way along the Charles River on the Boston side, between the Museum of Science and the Boston University (BU) Bridge.

Q: What hours are the park open?

A: The park is open from dawn until dusk, with the exception of walk-through traffic and permitted events.

Q: What types of activities are available on the Esplanade?

A: You can find a list of various family, community, and recreational activities on our website.

Q: I’m seeing something in the park that requires attention. Who do I contact?

For emergencies and law-breaking, please call 911. You may be rerouted to the State Police. They can be reached at: Mass. State Police (617-727-6780)

For anything that needs attention in the park (downed trees, overflowing litter, snow removal, etc), please contact the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation at (617) 626-4973 or

Q: Where are public bathrooms located on the Esplanade?

A: The Esplanade has public bathrooms located behind the DCR Hatch Shell (near the Fielder Footbridge) and at the Dartmouth St. Facility (located next to the Dartmouth St. Footbridge). These facilities can also be found on our map. The restrooms are open from spring to fall. They are closed during the winter months.

Q: I want to hold an event on the Esplanade. Whom do I call?

AReach out to Kelsey Pramik, Director of Programs & Outreach, and she can give you a hand: 617-227-0365 x406 or

Q: What activities are prohibited in the park?

A: Park rules prohibit:

  • Littering
  • Camping
  • Barbecuing
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Commercial activity (except by permit)
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Feeding wildlife

Q: Are there rules for bicyclists at the park?

A: Yes. bicyclists must follow Massachusetts Bike Rules:

  • The bike path is a shared route with pedestrians.
  • Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians.
  • Bicyclists must keep right and share the path.
  • Bicyclists must pass on the left only and give an audible warning.
  • Bicyclists are required to use headlights when riding at night.
  • Bicyclists must walk their bikes over pedestrian footbridges.
  • Bicyclists are not allowed to ride on the islands.
  • Helmets are required for children 16 years old and younger.

Report any accidents involving personal injury or property damage to the Mass. State Police (617-727-6780)